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All sorts of paints for all sorts of projects! We stock PPG Paint in a few different product lines. They mostly come in flat, eggshell, and semi gloss sheens. We have paint for both interior and exterior, with several different colors to choose from. If you're looking to match up to a color, bring in a small sample and we can use our eye-match machine and get as close as possible to make that color!

Olympic Logo.png

Olympic is the exterior stain product we carry. You can go with a solid colored stain and have your project a nice and full color. Alternatively, you could go with a semi-transparent one so you can see the nice rich grain of the wood through the stain. Both options come with a wide variety of colors.

Minwax Logo.png

Our interior stain would be Minwax. They come in a large selection of colors already pre-mixed that are semi-transparent. We can also make a few different colors that we do not have on the shelf. Stop in and take a look!

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